6 Steps to Creating a Marketing Plan for 2019

Our simple 6 Steps to Creating a Marketing Plan for 2019 starts with laying a path for meeting your objective of a prosperous year ahead.

Start by asking yourself these basic questions:
  • What is your anticipated focus for the coming year?
  • Attracting new customers?
  • Improving customer service?
  • Encouraging customer crossover to other products or services you offer?

Step 1: Review Last Year

Look to the past to outline your marketing plan’s future. Reflecting on last year will help you see and do things differently in 2019.

What questions to answer in your Review of Last Year:
  • What worked?
  • What didn’t?
  • What will you do differently?

For example, did you participate in a trade show in 2018? If so, what was your ROI? If you didn’t participate, but could have ask yourself why?

Step 2: Review Your Target Market

Know your buyers. Know your target market. Know WHO is checking your business out from behind the screen. Ask yourself the why’s and the how’s of how your potential customer goes about buying your product. For example, do your customers buy directly from your website or make their purchase from a centralized retailer offering a variety of products from many vendors. Answering these questions will

Are barriers preventing your customers from pulling the trigger? Are products frequently unavailable? Do customers need more information about you, or, your products and services before clicking on the “Buy It” button?

Creating fresh, informative and relevant content on your website can help prospective customers make buying decisions.

Alternatively, have the demographics changed for your customers?

For example, current surveys report that baby boomers are staying in homes they own longer resulting in less houses coming to market and Millennials are remaining in the family homes longer, rather than looking for apartments or starter homes. This knowledge is vital for realtors and building-trades people when creating 2019 marketing plans.

Step 3: Review Industry Changes

Has your industry changed? A classic example is the newspaper industry. The number of people who read an actual newspaper has dropped significantly. Many read the online version of both local and national press. As a result, print media has had to find new ways to reach formerly faithful readers.

What industry-wide changes affect your business and the creation of your 2019?

Marketing plan? Industry trade publications focusing on trends and industry landscape changes can answer questions about the future of your niche.

Step 4: Monitor Your Competition

Checking out the competition is not a license to copy them for several reasons. One, they may not know much about marketing. Two, budgets are likely different. Three, your focus is uniquely your own. On the other hand, seeing what the competition is doing can help you develop promotions, campaigns, social media and other ideas in 2019.

Software and analytics subscriptions can monitor competitors. Among other things, they observe website traffic showing what ideas and developments appeal to a similar market segment

Step 5: Brainstorming

Organize brainstorming sessions when creating your 2019 marketing plan. Make sure the marketing and sales teams are included. Other departments like product development may have valuable contributions, invite them, as well. Take into consideration any recorded information or personal notes regarding accomplishment from the past year and detailing issues resolved.

Give everyone the chance for input. Use a whiteboard to visualize the ideas so everyone in the room can see them. Ensure that the ideas coming from these meetings are recorded for future reference. Utilize software to develop concepts that are data-driven.

If you prefer working alone, creating a market plan – even solo – is still an essential; whether at the office surrounded by your work-a-day world or taking time away from everything to focus on where you want to see your company in 2019.

Step 6: Set Realistic Goals

Key to creating a workable 2019 marketing plan is including tangible, quantifiable goals. These could include increasing sales or your customer base. Either one will add to your bottom line.

Let’s say your company is creating a new breakfast sandwich and you want people to taste it. Book a date for an in-store grocery marketing event giving away small, free samples while promoting the product and ease of preparation. A certain number of customers will like the taste of the sandwich and the easy prep. They will buy the product.

Afterward, you will calculate your ROI. How much did the event cost? How many sandwiches did you sell? How many customers did you reach?

This event offers real numbers you can use to evaluate your marketing plan.

Alternatively, if you want to increase the number of customers you serve, start by setting a realistic and quantifiable goal to reach a specific number. For example, if your goal is reaching 1200 new customers by years’ end, you will need to average 100 new customers per month and 24 per week.

How to Increase your Customer Base:

  1. Reach out to potential customers through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin.
  2. Go with the sales team on prospective customer visits.
  3. Optimize your web content.
  4. Ask web visitors for their opinions.
  5. Ensure continuous high-quality customer service.


Multiple marketing strategies are the key attaining your 2019 goals – and cloudCreative is ready to assist you. We specialize in setting our clients apart from their competition through design, development, and good thinking. Contact us today and grow your business.

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