Part 2: SEO // The Benefits of Link Building

SEO and Link Building

Building links currently occupies the number two spot in Search Engine Optimization and is a determining factor in your SERP ranking. Quality links are critical – not only in raising your ranking; they provide a positive user experience which also impacts your ranking.


Link Building Defined

Link building is a means of finding other websites to link back to your website. It is one of the many ways used in Search Engine Optimization. Links tell Google that your site is a quality resource and a valuable citation. A closer look at three types of links connected to websites should help clarify why they are essential in SEO.


3 Types of Links

Inbound Links // Natural links coming from knowledgeable, respected and relevant sites and carry the most weight in SEO ranking because they are like votes of confidence. They are considered trustworthy and reliable.

Internal Links // First created for the user and help in navigating the site. Additionally, they aid in PageRank share from inbound links to other pages on your site and thus help improve SEO ranking on many different pages.

Outbound Links // Should appear as a natural next step to the user. Linking out to reliable sites helps position your website with other high-quality sites.


4 Benefits to Creating Links

The benefits of building links are many, and most focus on SEO, but there is so much more that can be achieved by developing links.

Links Build Relationships

Links are a two-way street. Linking to others from your website has several benefits. First, it invites sharing and builds community. It lets others know you participate in a give and take knowledge base and are an active member of the community. Second, linking to products and services you need is another way to get your name and website in front of people who may link back to you for the products or services you offer, and they need.

SEO and PR Work Together

Jointly, they maximize results from both arenas with link building as the common thread. We have already discussed how links from other authoritative websites increases SEO. Conversely, good PR means getting your name and website out in a positive way. Link building effectively puts you in front of consumers interested in your products and services who have visited other reputable sites.2

SEO Rewards

Linking to respected, influential websites put algorithms in motion that can push your site higher in the SERPs.

Links Add Value

Because you can’t say it all on any one subject no matter how much content you write you need to leverage the power of the web and the power of links by linking to other great sites especially sites relevant to your message. This makes your site more valuable, creates a better user experience and raises your SEO.


As BuzzSumo founder, Steve Rayon said,

The majority of content gets zero backlinks, but authoritative research and reference content continues to gain links. In particular, authoritative evergreen content consistently gains shares and links over time.


The Last Word on Links

In short, don’t let users reaching a 404-error page abandon your website forever. Promptly, fix or remove broken links.



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