How to Write Impactful Blogs

Blogging done correctly can be an effective marketing tool to:

  • Drive traffic to your website, and thereby reach more customers
  • Boost your credibility and expertise in various areas of your industry
  • Improve your brand awareness and get your company noticed

When you write engaging blogs of interest to your target market, those blogs will help your website rank higher in search engines, improving your company’s visibility. It will also get your content seen, which helps you showcase your expertise. In fact, your blogs can increase your site’s monthly organic search views by an average of 106%.

You post blogs on social media and send out in emails as well, which again, the search engines and your audience will love.

Keep Your Brand Top of Mind

The biggest question we get asked: What should I write about? The simple answer: Anything. The longer answer is not just anything, but anything that could help solve a problem.

Before you begin, you will need to hone in your brand voice. You will want to use that voice to create unique content that will be impactful. What would an impactful blog look like?

Let’s Toss Around Some Blog Ideas

Say you owned a frisbee company and your brand voice is “tough, energetic, and skillful.” Keeping that in mind, here are a few ideas you can blog about:

Blog Idea #1

Being the expert frisbee player you are, you notice there is a general lack of technique throwing frisbees (let’s face it, we’ve all stepped up to really give it a heave and you just throw it sideways directly into the ground).

You can use your expertise, combined with your brand voice and explain how to throw a frisbee to get the best control, distance, speed, etc. You might start off with something like, “Listen, we all know throwing a frisbee isn’t easy sometimes. It takes some skill. We want to give you some tips on how you can become a better frisbee thrower. The next time you go to the beach you can show off to all your friends!”

Blog Idea #2

Write about how important outdoor space is to throw a frisbee. You can blog on the best places in the world to frisbee toss.

Blog Idea #3

Audiences generally gravitate toward numbers, especially 3, 5, 7 when it comes to headlines. So for the above ideas you can title Blog Idea #1: “3 tips to throwing a frisbee straight” and Blog Idea #2: “The 5 best places in the world to frisbee toss.” Even if someone didn’t care about frisbees they’d probably click on those just out of curiosity.

Blog Idea #4

Incorporate current events into your blogs. Say for example, there happens to be a world-wide pandemic. A fun, yet helpful blog could be something like “Fun ways to use a frisbee in your yard.”

In the event you have writers block, just think about ways to help your audience. Because you’re helping the audience with your unique content, it will come across as something they want to read, and not as spam. It’s a win-win!

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